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MFP is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization registered in the State of Maryland, USA. The organization was formed in 1999 by a group of Liberians in the diaspora to assist in the economic and social development of Maryland County, Liberia.  MFP’s programs are dedicated to making positive contributions to the development of Maryland County through educational programs, capacity building, and targeted funding initiatives that facilitate economic empowerment. Since its inception, MFP has continued to enjoy the support of many Liberians and other concerned individuals.  
Thank you for supporting our efforts as we strive to make a difference in the lives of the people of Maryland County, Liberia.  Your contributions, donations, thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Brief Information about Maryland County

Maryland County is the southern and easternmost county of Liberia's 15 counties and shares a border with Cote d'Iviore. It is named after the state of Maryland in the United States.  It was first established in 1827 by the Maryland State Colonization Society (USA) but gained independence in 1854 as Maryland in Africa.  In 1857, Maryland in Africa became part of the Republic of Liberia and named Maryland County. The administrative headquarters is Harper City and the county has a population of 136,404 (2008 census) with 4 districts:  Harper Commonwealth, Pleebo Sodoken, Karluway and Barrobo.  The economy is based on agriculture, mainly rubber.  The county is home to the W.V.S. Tubman University, the highest institution of learning in southeastern Liberia.  Natural resources include gold and offshore oil.  The Atlantic Ocean beaches are unspoiled and pristine.  Seafood including oysters, lobsters, rice, cassava, eddoes, breadfruit, sweet potatoes and plantain are examples of local cuisines available to Maryland County residents.

Marylanders For Progress ( MFP ) - Our Mission

  • To promote understanding of the history and cultures of Maryland County in Liberia.
  • To lend support to institutions that preserve cultural heritage of the people of Maryland County, Liberia.
  • To cultivate relationships between Marylanders and friends of Maryland County.
  • To assist with the economic, education and social development of the people of Maryland County.

Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell presents donated medical supplies to Grand Cavalla Clinic from MFP

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Marylanders For Progress' 2015 fundraising project is providing access to clean drinking water to all citizens of Maryland County, Liberia. Please click link to support our efforts. Thanks for your support.

MFP donated a brand new radio station to the WVS Tubman University.
The frequency of Phoenix FM has the capacity to be heard in Maryland, neighboring Counties and the Côte d'Ivoire.


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